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"A People Architect aligns the leadership, people, and culture of your organization to support your strategic business plan, strengthening the foundation of your company and enhancing the organizational framework for success."

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What We Do


Increasing the effectiveness of an organization to achieve its strategic goals.

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Personal and team development within an organization.

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Individual or organizational development designed to suit industry specific needs.

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On Leadership

"Business leaders' efforts, and those of their organizations, have dramatically improved and transformed human life — doubling our life expectancy, improving the quality of living, and expanding the horizon of possibility. At the same time, the rush to capture market share, propelled by the profit motive, has caused untold damage to this planet and its people."
-Elizabeth Debold

During my years as a consultant, I have discovered that businesses and organizations typically change only to the degree that their senior leadership changes.

Time after time, I have watched initiatives be partially or poorly implemented and behaviours relapse. This is the result of leaders not being prepared to embed the change in themselves, their employees and their organizational culture.

What is it that keeps us from doing things differently?

What do we do with the fear, the guilt, the exhaustion or the pain of not knowing which way to lead?

It's questions like these that drive me to do this important work. The inner path of leadership is the one I have chosen to walk, and it is the path I choose to walk with leaders like you.

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Connie Phenix